Mine Connect advises and supports futuristic business leaders and decision makers to improve their business by introducing and implementing futuristic ideas. It is also an online platform built for the community of Mining Industry Professionals around the world. The project is an innovative initiative of Futurist and Engineer, Dr. Kash Sirinanda. Mine Connect is expected to promote networking amongst various professionals engaged in the mining sector. It also serves as a repository of knowledge, with regularly updated blogs from Dr. Kash and other contributors. Various events such as Miners Tribute, Mining Forums, Conferences, Informative sessions etc. are planned for the mining community.

Engage, partner, and collaborate with mining leaders and decision makers to transform a mining business into a best-in-class, advanced digital and sustainable-enabled competency company


Our initiatives:

  • Miners Tribute
  • Mining Blog
  • Mining Community
  • Mining Events & Exhibitions
  • Global Mining Forums
  • Mentoring through Experts

Our Mission


 Educate and support mining leaders to be at the top in the mining game


Challenge the status quo, and create unique perspectives to enhance the mining business


Empower mining leaders and decision makers


 Bring new insights in order to drive concepts of digital and sustainability in mining

testimonial-team (Demo)
Simon Stare

I believe the initiative taken by Dr. Kashyapa is a great contribution to the Mining Industry. Especially young mining enthusiasts are benefited by many resources to broaden their knowledge.

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Mark Fenders
Global Mines
Marketing Manager

Mine Connect is a great platform that links the community of mining professionals spread across the world.

Dr. Kash Sirinanda

Dr. Kash Sirinanda is a veteran miner from Sri Lanka, who reached global heights.  Currently he serves multiple roles in the mining industry as as A Futurist, Engineer, Mentor and Researcher. Also, he is a pledged investor and entrepreneur.  Mine Connect is an initiative launched by Dr. Kash for the betterment of global mining community.