The Perfect Mining Soup

Ingredients for a perfect mining soup

Imagine you had to make a perfect soup. What would you do? What might be the questions you ask yourself before preparing it?

What recipe should I use? What is my budget?

Where do I buy the best ingredients?

Do I mix all the ingredients together at once or add them later? What are the correct amounts?

When do I need to add them in to the pot and in which order?

What is the cooking time?

How often and for how along do I need to stir the ingredients?

What do you need to add at the end to it to make it really tasty?

Now imagine you had to make a very complex but delicious soup … Hold that thought! …

Now imagine that you are a CEO, or a member of a board of directors, or a decision-maker in a mining company.

How would you interact with mining-related services companies?

When would you bring them onboard?

How will you motivate your staff to use them?

What is your strategy? How will you execute that?

How will they enhance your productivity?

How will they drive your mining company to be best in class?

What are the quick wins and long-term wins they can achieve for you?

How will you measure success?

What are the KPIs and milestones?

And many more…..the list goes on and on…

My point is; have you ever asked these types of questions before renting or leasing or purchasing some services from mining service related companies? Or, do you just pick them as an industry norm or as a result of favourable references? Do you genuinely need their help?

Now, let’s consider what these mining-related companies are; the companies that are always helping mining companies to be best in class (this is an exhasutic search).


Business development related companies: management consulting, specific mining consulting, commodity analyzing, investing, trading, and freelance

Environmental related companies: protection agencies, recycling, waste management, and renewable energy

Technology related companies: software, IT, innovation, startups, and research institutes

Legal related companies: policy and regulatory, tax, audit, law, unions

Supply chain related companies: blasting, drilling, logistic, subcontractor, equipment vendors, heavy vehicles, civil construction

Other related companies: catering, regional express, rental, cleaning, laundry

Mining companies need to engage with these companies at some point in their journey. They need to actively collaborate with these companies in order to make things happen and to be successful.

Mining companies have to juggle with these companies nearly every day. Just as you need to have a good recipe to make a perfect soup, mining leaders need to have a good understanding of the capabilities, and of the strengths and weaknesses of these companies. More importantly, you have to choose right vendor for your specific tasks. Sometimes that can be daunting, given that there are a lot of players in these markets.

Finally, you need to leverage these companies to speed up rather than slow down your mining journey in order to ensure it becomes more successful in the mining game. I will explain how to engage with them in detail soon. Stay tuned!

Now is time to make a perfect soup!

I would happy to discuss this further with you. Please contact me via email. Let’s continue the conversation!

About the author:

Kash Sirinanda has a doctorate in mine planning and optimisation from the University of Melbourne, Australia. During his PhD studies and post-doctoral work at the University, Kash developed algorithms for generating designs that maximise the NPV of a mining operation. That work provides the basis for software that assists mine planners to design more profitable mines. Kash was also a visiting scholar at the Colorado School of Mines, USA. He has worked on various mining projects which include due diligence, operation, analytics, optimization and digital in different commodities around the globe. He is a keynote speaker and provides mining leaders with strategic direction, and visionary leadership. Kash´s vision is to engage, partner, and collaborate with leaders and decision makers to transform a business into a best-in-class, advanced digital and sustainable-enabled competency company.

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